Revising an Icon System

Back in 2008, I was tasked with taking an existing flat icon system designed for print, and to convert them into a more up to date icon system using full color that could be used for both marketing and the company’s content management software.

Project Details

Client Calix Systems
Brand Calix
Tools Illustrator

Below are the icons before they were revised. As styles and trends change, back then when color monitors were finally getting to a point where they could show detail, before most mobile phones had a touch screen, the trend was to go with 3 dimensional elements to give an impression of depth on a screen or page.

The next step involved several phases. Design. Iterate. Design. Creating a universal style that fit the client’s vision and showing them several options. Here you can see a number of different design styles.

Before the final deliverables could be made, a full audit needed to be made, to see exactly what icons needed to be created, and what they would all look like with the chosen design style. And then of course, there was the final deliverable, all the icons created in various color and file formats.