Interaction Prototype

Organization and Repository Selector for Fuse

A consistent pattern needs to be created for the product in order for people to choose governing orgs and repositories. The problem statement is that the user will most likely need to be able to select a parent level governing org or an individual repository (edge cases are that a user may need to select more).

This needs to work for different users, which might include the services team (internal employees that might handle accounts for multiple customers), self serve customers who are super users and might have access to hundreds of orgs, and self serve customers with limited access.

Project Details

Client: McKesson/Relay Health
Product: Fuse
Tools: InDesign

A repository is a database that might contain a large number of one type of record. A governing org is a shared set of repositories. A governing org may also contain several lower level governing orgs. And a repository may be shared across different governing orgs.

These prototypes were built to test navigating through Customers, Governing Organizations, and Repositories. Click on each of the prototypes below to open the prototype in a new tab.

Note that these prototypes use adobe flash as an engine, so may not work on mobile.

Round 1

The first round interviewed internal people, and some quick lessons were learned that involved both the experience as well as feedback from our back end developers on how the databases were handled. See the round 1 prototypes before, 4 variations that were tested, walkthrough instructions are on the prototype itself.

Round 2

A quick test was started, but we both quickly learned some lessons, while at the same time we learned some technical restraints from product managers that had us do a quick change to our prototype and test. The next round was simplified to remove the parent governing org as an individual container, and as well, more time was spent on building out the selection function.

The test itself was simplified into 2 steps:

1. Select the two repositories in Foxtrot Clinic.

Hit close. This will reset the panel.

2. Using the filters (clicking filter will add an automatic value for you), select the two 837 repositories under Delta Alfa.


The testing involved five people total. We had a series of test questions, and the test took about 15 minutes each.

We thought the main concern would be finding understanding the difference between governing organizations on the left, and repositories on the right, only one user had trouble finding that, and once explained at the end of the test, had no problem understanding it. But we also discovered that users did struggle with the search feature. Explaining how the search worked did clear it up, and we recommended the component be built as is, with a refresh and reevaluation of the search feature to come soon after.

If you noted the Change Healthcare logo on the word template, this was the first report we made with the company rename and restructuring.