iOS Reference App

A kiteworks API demo

This reference app was created for my client Accellion, as an example of how their cloud storage product kiteworks could be used as a custom API for a variety of custom applications.

How the product would function was first decided upon by Accellion’s project managers, who story boarded the experience and then passed that on to me via a Jira Epic. Each ticket inside the epic represented a different functionality of the application. It was up to me to create the work flow for each ticket as well as come up with an overall visual design that felt custom to this app.

Project Details

Client Accellion
Product kiteworks
Tools Illustrator, Invision

The hard part of user experience is always putting yourself in the shoes of the user. The user needs to do something. How will they do that specific task? How will that task fit into the overall application? It was up to me to not only determine every step of how the task would happen, but also to think of any unexpected pain points the users might occur, as well as how those could be handled.

Once I had the story down, I needed to illustrate every step of the project so that I could pass this on to a developer in the Ukraine who would build it based on my visual story board. Along with this included specs, assets such as colors, and so on. As well as a bit of back and forth with the developer while it was being built.

As this was just an example app who’s code was made available for free to all users of the kiteworks product, it was only built on the Android platform to save production costs. Knowing this also meant focusing on Material Design and native Android elements that could be called up and save code, to prevent bloated software.